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MSA Student application, Qualeh by Corcon
MSA Student application, Qualeh
Name: Qualeh Mhoda-Joum
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: 7/16
Homeworld: Kaneesa
Race: Human
Nature: Jumpy, secretive, generous, fearful.
Personality: Qualeh is jumpy, and often reacts to intense situations by fleeing, often using his summoned underlings as a distraction.  He isn't very comfortable around other people(save his sister).  He takes his studies seriously, and is prone to hang out in the Shed when things get intense.
  warm, dry days
  New stimulus
  being the center of attention
  Magic: His home culture had a few kinds of tightly-controlled magic, and labeled everything else as taboo, and while he is overcoming this, he still subconsciously thinks of magic as universally dangerous and uncontrolled
  Heights:  He was abducted by a desperate dragon.  ask :iconLunamokiarcher: for details if you don't believe me.
  He has a knack for finding things
  Is very, VERY good at running away
  Often makes use of his second talent(see "fears")
  Has difficulty speaking (often interupts sentences with nonsense Sylables such as "Ah", "er", "um", ect.
Qualeh was raised by his Father after his mother was caught practicing unsanctioned magic and exiled.  For several years he was attending lessons to become a priest, until he unintentionally summoned a snake during a ball game with some friends.  His sister, who had been working at MSA at the time, was sent to bring him to MSA to receive instruction on how to control his power. 

  Magic Theory
  Magic practical
  weapon crafting
Glimmeria Mage: Vandred, sage of wood by Corcon
Glimmeria Mage: Vandred, sage of wood
Name: Vandred
Height: 6' 8"
Area: Forest
Forest guardian: Kanse, Eidolon of stone
Class: defensive
Weapon description: Arboreal Rebuke; an ax with the ability to break enchantments and deflect offensive spells.  Metal rusts at an accelerated rate(not immediately noticeable, but will be covered in a thin layer within 24 hours) while in close proximity.  Plants/animals also grow/heal faster when nearby(constructs and undead are unaffected by this aura, though they are subject to its spell-breaking effect)(x2 healing speed)
  Stoneshape: Vandred can shape stone as though it were wet clay
  Regeneration: The subject heals wounds nigh-instantaneously, requires concentration.
  Command plants: Pretty simple, plants do their best to fulfill Vandred's orders (this does allow them to move)
  Shelter: Vandred can create a shelter from nearby materials, exact design varies depending on the needs of the moment (in a battle, shelter with produce thicker walls, if used in a hot climate, will provide shelter from the sun, ect.)
  Earthbind: The earth reaches out and grabs the selected target, burying them up to the knees in rock/dirt.
  Roar: Vandred can release a terrible roar that frightens enemies, It also calls nearby animals to come to Vandred's aid.  
Personality: Vandred is a rather emotional character, quick to take offense, and quick to be a friend.  If wronged, Vandred will harass the offender indirectly until he/she leaves, or something new draws Vandred's attention.  
  Problem causing
  idling about with friends
  Needless carnage
  extreme cold
  people who won't shut up
  being forced to do basically anything.
borne aloft on scream of dread
martyr's blood forms her blade
and her shield, her friends' lives
sacrifices before her altar
for the glory of her master's plan
Fallen angel
written in honor of the Magic: The Gathering card of the same name
rushing to our deaths at the king's behest
strength of eight banded together
We fall to their spears and their lances.
yet we surge on, the goal in our eyes
cutting beneath a horse's hooves,
we march on.

One in a million, a survivor reaches the goal.
He cannot rest, yet is redeployed again
armed by heroism, striking out against his foes
speed insurmountable, darting across the field
death in form and function.

shattering through fortifications
crushing the footmen without thought
yet the knight remaining leaps to counter
desperate to save his lord and kin
the lance connects to the hero
and the latter falls to the ground
The story of a 'lucky' pawn.
I'm considering writing up a gaming system based on my story.  Opinions?
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Abney park


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Beware of guard faerie.
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United States
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Print preference: solid
Favourite genre of music: same as my favorite style of wepon, fast metal
Favourite photographer: me!
Favourite style of art: draconic
Operating System: functioning
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: Nautalus
Wallpaper of choice: torn out and reeplaced with black paint
Skin of choice: mammal
Favourite cartoon character: Max
Personal Quote: With ehough speed, counter-attacks and blind luck, it's impossible to lose a fight

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