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The weaponcrafting shop had a unique smell, metallic with a hint of acid, and some aromatic herbs mingled with the incense that tried its hardest to combat the warring odors of alchemy, forging, and enchanting that permeated every crack of the room.  In the center of the room was an ingenious combination of dispenser and smelter, the student would need only state the material and quantity, and it would be poured from one of the ports into whatever mold the student had prepared.  Drains were also present below these ports to catch and recycle the inevitable spills from the inevitable student that was too slow, too overeager, or two generous with their materials request.  

The workbenches the students used for their craft were solid, specially treated stone designed to be harder than steel, and less reactive than glass, and tilted slightly so that any spills would drain off without any significant trouble.  

Bent over one of these work stations was Qualeh, He was nearing the completion of his first weapon, a dagger.  He had treated the iron with a mixture of Oak leaf, Oxeye daisy, and Dahlia. He had wrapped the handle with a layer of leather and then a second layer of softer yarn. The pommel had a peridot set in it, and the blade was a cone that tapered to a needle point.  

He was working on the final enchantment, something to make certain that the dagger would remain sharp and readily available.  After placing a level wooden plank on his desk, he carefully ground up Ivy with Lemon blossom, then wrapped the mixture in an Arum flower.  He dissolved the parcel in a weak acid, and hummed a few ominous lines in latin while tracing a circle on the wood with the acid solution.  The circle prepared, Qualeh picked up the progressing blade, checked his aim, and then plunged the point of the dagger into the center of the wood.  

Lines of green energy pulled away from the circle into the grain of the wood, and flowed through the wood onto the dagger, where it traced a matrix of energy into the metal.  The wood cracked, and disintegrated into innumerable splinters.  

Qualeh coughed at the sudden sawdust, and conjured a swarm of ant-like creatures to start cleaning up the dust.  "Well, I suppose all that's left is to test it."  Glancing around, he noticed that he wasn't the only one finishing up.  Most of the other first years had gone for weapons with a greater flare, one had a flaming sword, another had a bow crackling with electricity, and a third had an ax that was marginally larger than he was.  

Other students began to trickle over to the teacher to have him inspect their weapons.  Qualeh was second in line, behind the student with the electric bow, but in front of the student with the flaming sword.  Time seemed to slow as the teacher inspected and tested the weapon of the first student, a javelin that returned after being thrown.  He finally threw the Javelin, which curved off to the right, slamming harshly into the shoulder of the dummy he was aiming for.  The Javelin then gleamed with a sudden intensity, and vanished, appearing in the students hands with a similar flash of light.  The teacher gave a critique and some advice to the student before returning it.  

The student with the electric bow handed it over to the teacher and explained how it was supposed to work.  It was designed to not need arrows, and instead draw magic from the wielder to shoot an electrical discharge.  The teacher nodded, and began probing the physical part of the bow after donning rubber gloves.  Satisfied it wouldn't explode immediately upon drawing, The teacher pulled on the string, and the erratic arcs of electricity converged into at single stream, dancing back and forth between his fingers and the bow.

The teacher released the charge, but the electricity, no longer restrained by the magic of the bow, arced to the dispenser with an ear-splitting Crack.  A few nearby students jumped at the sudden noise and light, and the teacher handed the bow back with a raised eyebrow and a comment "You need to work on it's aim."  The student replied with a cough, taking the bow back and slinking back to their seat.  

A nod and a small gesture beckoned Qualeh to the instructor's desk, and he handed the dagger over, stating the magic of the weapon was intended to keep the blade sharp and to increase the force put into strikes with it.  The teacher nodded, and inspected the weapon, making a comment about a flaw he noticed, and complimented the design work on the pommel.  

Next came time to test the magical qualities of the blade.  The teacher pulled several blocks of various materials, each tougher than the next.  He delivered a quick pair of blows to about half of them, then decided that was enough to make a judgement call.  "The blade itself is fine, the force-enhancing enchantment is a bit weaker than normal, but then you probably won't need as much, due to the fact that it's a dagger.  The enchantment keeping the point sharp was well done, it doesn't seem any duller after going through that test."  He handed the dagger back, and said that he should work on creating a normal dagger without the flaw he mentioned earlier.  

Qualeh nodded and fell back to his desk.
MSA Weaponcrafting, Dagger.
In which Qualeh creates a dagger.

Until someone steps in with a teacher for weaponcrafting, I used a nameless NPC.
Moonlight Conflict by Corcon
Moonlight Conflict
Qualeh encountering :iconsupereevvee: 's character, Eclipse, in her werewolf form, and conjuring a cloud of insects as a precaution.
Composite casting by Corcon
Composite casting
Qualeh's summoning magic augmented by Eclipse's Darkness magic.

Qualeh (on the right) belongs to me
Eclipse belongs to :iconsupereevvee:

For The rp in which this happened, go to…
The alarm buzzed, and the sudden jolt of awakening caused Qualeh to jump a little more than is dignified.  A moment after ascertaining that his dorm-mates hadn't noticed that, he regained his composure.  He pulled on his school uniform, grumbling quietly about the dense fabrics.  He slipped away while Klayton and Sandor were still getting ready.  He followed the emerging crowd of chatting students to the Cafeteria, clinging to the edges as much as possible and avoiding a small fight that erupted between a pyromancer and a warrior.  

Breakfast was a loud and gleeful affair, with old friends reconnecting after spending the summer away.  He was soon joined by Klayton, a friend he had made over the summer, and he traded a few hesitant words with him.  A quick look at the clock made it apparent that Magic theory class was going to be starting soon, and Qualeh pointed it out.  

The pair made their way hastily to block one, Qualeh taking it as the crow flies, hopping over a few benches but avoiding the trees, and bolting through the door.  He then stumbled trying to find the proper classroom, and stumbled in, straightening out his uniform as he did.

The class was less than half there, and most of them turned their attention to the flustered boy that just came into the room.  Qualeh paused and paled slightly, then sidestepped over to the seating chart, and then took his seat, now less nervous, as the rest of the class had resumed talking to their classmates.  A few of his neighbors attempted some light conversation, to which Qualeh gave vague half-answers and side eyed suspicious silence.  

Class started, and the teacher walked in and introduced himself, giving a little bit of his backstory as a sort of 'get to know me' then called on a student to pass out textbooks.  The passing out and processing took up most of the rest of the class; the homework was to read the introduction of the textbook and write a short summary of its contents.

Qualeh waited until the rest of the class had left before slinking out, and quietly made his way to his next class, which he was dreading... Magic practical.  The room was large, had stone floors and walls, traced with faintly glowing wards, which also provided the light for the room.  There weren't any chairs or desks in the room, though there were cushions scattered about, some of which had students lounging on them.  

The teacher strode in, and stated "Normally, We'd start with me introducing myself.  However, I think that it would be better to start with getting to know your classmates and their magic first."  He then called up other students, one at a time, to show off some of their magic.  Some of the spells thrown were huge and splashy, massive columns of fire, beams of void, that sort of thing.  Others were more subtle, suddenly appearing near the teacher when called, fetching objects from nowhere, conjuring entangling webs around a target dummy.  When Qualeh was called forth, he hesitantly waved his arm, creating a wave of black smoke from behind it, which he plunged his hand into, and pulled forth a snake.  It was a shiny obsidian black, with two points of sinister green light for eyes, and excessively long fangs for its size, which dripped an oily black substance that turned to smoke as it hit the floor.  He then took his seat, placing the snake around his shoulders, so they could both watch the rest of the class demonstrate their powers.  Qualeh was the first out the door, as being surrounded by that much magic made him edgy, even if it was supposed to be purely for their protection.  

The rest of the day went much the same, mumbled smalltalk and evading magical scuffles.
MSA Student application, Qualeh by Corcon
MSA Student application, Qualeh
Name: Qualeh Mhoda-Joum
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birthday: 7/16
Homeworld: Kaneesa
Race: Human
Nature: Jumpy, secretive, generous, fearful.
Personality: Qualeh is jumpy, and often reacts to intense situations by fleeing, often using his summoned underlings as a distraction.  He isn't very comfortable around other people(save his sister).  He takes his studies seriously, and is prone to hang out in the Shed when things get intense.
  warm, dry days
  New stimulus
  being the center of attention
  Magic: His home culture had a few kinds of tightly-controlled magic, and labeled everything else as taboo, and while he is overcoming this, he still subconsciously thinks of magic as universally dangerous and uncontrolled
  Heights:  He was abducted by a desperate dragon.  ask :iconLunamokiarcher: for details if you don't believe me.
  He has a knack for finding things
  Is very, VERY good at running away
  Often makes use of his second talent(see "fears")
  Has difficulty speaking (often interupts sentences with nonsense Sylables such as "Ah", "er", "um", ect.
Qualeh was raised by his Father after his mother was caught practicing unsanctioned magic and exiled.  For several years he was attending lessons to become a priest, until he unintentionally summoned a snake during a ball game with some friends.  His sister, who had been working at MSA at the time, was sent to bring him to MSA to receive instruction on how to control his power. 

  Magic Theory
  Magic practical
  weapon crafting

MP:  20/200
  Bullet; Red      Sleeveful of snakes 2
  Bullet; Orange      Summon swarm 17
  Bullet; Blue Bullet; Yellow  Smokeform 1
  Bullet; Orange      Noxious breath
I'm considering writing up a gaming system based on my story.  Opinions?
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